While in Sweden you must make sure you take advantage of Allemansrätten (Right of Public Access). Feel free to stroll, walk and hike in our beautiful and amazing nature, in the wilderness or mountain scenery. If you pass by a beautiful lake, feel free to jump in. Let yourself become one with nature and listen to the silence. In the area around Stöten Camping there are many beautiful hiking trails. During the summer and fall there are cloudberries in the nearby marshes and blueberries, cranberries and mushrooms in the forest. As a hiker, you will have a mixture of tougher and easier trails to choose from.

The hiking trails in Stöten and Norway suit both the experienced and the beginner hiker. There are numerous hiking trails and many of them are highly rated and very well described by hiking enthusiasts. Kungsleden begins approx. 5 km from Stöten Camping. From here, there are different routes to choose from and the best time for hiking is summer and autumn as the mountains and forest is dry.

In Sälenfjällen you can also find an open chair ski-lift operating even in summer, so you can take the lift up and hike your way down the mountains, selecting one of many trailheads. Enjoy the clear air, the stillness and the breathtaking view.

Cultural trail
There is a Cultural Village in Stoa, Norway, built up to demonstrate how the area around Ljörälven was impacted by the change of transporting Timber. The Swedish and Norwegian workers dug a six-kilometer long canal using shovels and wheelbarrows in the 1800s, with locks for the timber and it was named ”Stöa kanal”. How they did it, how they lived, what tools were used for gating, etc. are all included along what is called the ”cultural path”.

Maps and information about hiking trails you find in the reception, ask us for tips and advice.
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