It is hard to beat the location right next to Görälven, one of Sweden's best grayling and trout water. Here you can experience an unbeatable fishing, either you prefer angling or fly fishing. Enjoy the silence, tranquility and the thrill.


Sport and Fly fishing
River, pond or lake - there are many good fishing opportunities around Stöten Camping and we have the maps and expertise to help you find your way. Right next to the campsite, the river Görälven floats where you by fly or spinning rod can fish both grayling and trout. At Stöten Camping you can buy fishing equipment, fishing licenses and get information about most of things related to the various fisheries. You will have the chance to catch quality fishes as trout and rainbow trout when you have the right tactics, equipment and knows the right places for the day.

Do you need a fishing guide? We can arrange it for you - knowledgeable guides who can take you to the best waters for grayling and trout. Our guides can also help you to become a better angler, finding the right flies and the proper way to throw.

Ersbo fly route
Exclusive fishing location for fly fishing only and maximum 8 person/day. The fly route is approx. 2,5 km long and has flowing water as well as calmer floating water. Here you can find the coarsest grayling.

Information about the Ersbo fly route can only be found at Stöten Camping and fishing license for this route is sold exclusively by Stöten Camping.

Price per day:
100 SEK

Rules for fishing
The fishery can only be conducted with a fly rod and fly line.
Maximum 8 fly per day.
The route is approx. 2,5 km long and well-marked with signs.
Fishing may be made on both sides of the river.
Maximum catch is three (3) fish per licence per day.
Minimum size 35 cm.


LIMA FVOF (Fishery Conservation)
Lima has many ponds and lakes with trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, perch and pike. Lima also offers exciting night fishing for trout and char. There are four ponds for "put and take" fishing. Boats for rent are available by the larger lakes.

1-day licence:
100 SEK
3-days licence: 240 SEK
Weekly licence: 300 SEK
Monthly licence: 400 SEK
Weekly licence: 300 SEK
Map: 20 SEK

Put and take  3 fish: 
100 SEK

TRANSTRANDS FVOF (Fishery Conservation)
6.500 hectares of fishing ground spread over 10 lakes and 190 km of flowing water provides great opportunities for varied fishing. Grayling of 1-2 kg, trouts of 2-3 kg and 1-3 kg of whitefish caught in Görälven, Fuluälven and Västerdalsälven. And you may even get trout and rainbows up to 7 kg in the lakes.

1-day licence:
80 SEK
Day licence in Versjön only:
100 SEK
Weekly licence:
280 SEK

TRYSIL FJF (Fishery Conservation in Norway)
The Norweigan border is located only 300 m from Stöten Camping and the Norwegian Trysil river begins at the end of Femundälven in the north and ends at the border of Lutnesdam. Ljöra (Norwegian Görälven) is a very nice and diverse river with both rushing and calm water.

Day license:
120 NOK
Weekly licence:
350 NOK
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